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1L; Castrol Outboard 4 stroke Boat / Marine Engine Oil is a high performance lubricant with a part synthetic formulation, it provides the highest levels of engine protection over a wide range of operating conditions. This oil has been specially designed to tackle the unique stresses and strains of a boat / marine engine, such as extended idle times to high revving cruising for long periods. This Castrol Boat engine oil offers enhanced piston cleanliness and reduced oil consumption, excellent low temperature wear control for effective valve train protection, high resistance to viscosity losses allowing a thick oil film to be maintained over time, even in the presence of high levels of fuel dilution and good anticorrosion properties for safe protection during winter storage.Castrol Outboard 4T has been designed for all 4 stroke outboard engines from major Japanese and American manufacturers. Kat.br. J8-OUT4T-12X1L

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