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Size: L
The Airborne base layers are some of the most fashionable, technical base layers on the market, though they’re purpose-built for motorcycle use. We combine highly stretchable yarns with strategically placed engineered knitting patterns (following the so-called body mapping principle) to help draw moisture away from areas of the body that need it the most. By drawing moisture away from the body, it can quickly evaporate and keep the rider comfortable. Furthermore, the Airborne LS shirt uses the round-knit weaving technology. This means that the seams that would normally be found in the areas that could potentially press or rub against protectors aren’t there; taking away pressure that would normally distress the joints. And while we designed the Airborne LS shirt for motorcycle use, feel free to use it for any other sports or leisure activity.

Composition 56% Polyamide, 44% Polyester Kat.br. FTU109.0140.L

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