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Size: M-L ; This line of technical underwear was designed to guarantee maximum climate comfort and outstanding riding performance levels at any time of year. The blend of textile fibres used creates a breathable barrier that maintains a constant body temperature in all weather conditions. ; Unisex seamless leggings which, thanks to the extreme elasticity of the fabric fit like a second skin on your legs and allow the utmost freedom of movement. Designed with Carbon Underwear technology, a blend of fibres that offers outstanding thermo-regulation and breathability throughout the year. The ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable garment to be worn beneath another technical garment. Composition: 68% Dryarn® polypropylene microfibre – 16% polyamide microfibre – 11% Creora EA – 5% Carbon. Kat.br. 25400/NERO/M-L

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