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Size: XL
The Tour-X 4 must be one of the most versatile helmets ever: adventure, grand touring or off road, and without the peak looks pretty good on a naked bike too! No matter the riding conditions, the Tour-X 4 is ready for it. Can be used without visor with goggles, without peak but with visor, any way that suits you.
Easy to clean diffusers create a strong venture vacuum at the rear. Dual intake for increased airflow and lower noise level. Under-peak air intake collects and directs cool air into the helmet. Closable chin vent controls the airflow to the chin area. Inner chin vent shutter prevents debris coming into the helmet industy riding conditions. Brow ventilation, lower side vents and neck roll exhaust.
Special Fibre Laminate Strict quality controlled construction using special fibre layers, crowded with fibres right to the shell surfaces and bonded with special resins formulated by Arai, to disperse impact energy over the widest possible area – the shell’s main job – through strength, structural integrity and impact flexibility.

Front Ventilation: Dual intake
Designed for increased airflow and lower noise level, guiding fresh, cool air into the interior.
Fresh air can enter directly to the forehead area without the need for holes in this critical area of the shell and impact absorbing liner. For specific models the ventilation is extended to the temple area.
Three-position chin vent helps in demisting the visor and offering fresh, cool air to the rider.
https://www.araihelmet.eu/en/collection/detail/tour-x4 Kat.br. 110-901-05

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